Monday, August 20, 2018

Peaceful postcard of a steaming log

Yep, yet another "steaming log" post on Papergreat. This is a Cardinell-Vincent Company Color Type postcard that has never been used in its century-plus of existence. According to MetroPostcard, that California company was in business from 1907-1919 and "published view-cards of California in a variety of techniques through a number of different printers. They were chosen as the official publisher of postcards for the Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915."

The caption on the front of this card states:


Mount Tamalpais, which rises to 2,571 feet, played an important role in Miwok culture, as those Native American peoples warned that a dangerous witch dwelled there (although they might have said this just to scare the white people into staying away). Today, Tamalpais stands as an important wildlife refuge, especially for some endangered species, so, witch or no witch, we can hope that humans will continue to stay away as much as possible.

Finally, on a related note, I mentioned the Muir Woods in this post about Gray Line tours of the Stanford area last fall.

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