Monday, September 3, 2018

From 1941: Win a Beautiful Pedigreed Puppy

This advertisement for a contest appears on the inside back cover of the June 1941 issue of Children's Play Mate Magazine, which published its first issue in June 1929 and was known for its phenomenal illustrated covers.

Here's the full text from the promotion:
Win a Beautiful Pedigreed Puppy
In this Exciting Contest!
(but first let us tell you about
the little girl, merry and gay!)

A little girl, merry and gay
Had a birthday on the 14th of May,
When they brought in her present
She said, "My! How Pleasant!"


What was the present? Did she say anything more? Add a last line to rhyme with "gay" and make the poem complete!

Then send it with your name, age and full address to

The Contest Editors
Children's PLAY MATE Magazine
Cleveland, Ohio

before July 15, 1941.

That's all! The neatest and best lines will win the prizes!

First Prize
A beautiful pedigreed Boston Terrier puppy like the one shown in the picture — a real live pet shipped free to your home!
(Or, if you prefer, you may have his value in money).

Other Prizes
Ten one-year subscriptions to your favorite magazine, Children's PLAY MATE!


It's easy — it takes only a little while — and
YOU May be a Winner!
The previous month's Children's Play Mate contest was school-based and had the theme of "I Love America." The first prize of $20 was won by the Lincoln School in District 87 of Allen, Nebraska. That classroom had just nine pupils and was headed by Miss Leona Anderson (possibly this woman, who lived from 1922 to 2015).

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