Monday, May 13, 2019

Recent Postcrossing arrivals and thank-you notes (May edition)

I'm overdue to sit down with some stamps and colored, fine-tip markers and send out a big batch of Postcrossing cards across the globe. Sending out a bundle by late spring would assure that my mailbox will be filled with cards from Europe, Asia and elsewhere throughout the dog days of summer.

In the meantime, here's a roundup of Postcrossing interactions from the past couple of months...

Received in the mail

From Alexandra in Germany (folk dance postcard shown at top of post): "Hello in the North of Germany at all time of day. I'm living on my beloved North Frisian island Föhr since 2 years+. I'm happy about it every day!! The costumes are alive here. Three clubs are caring about this old tradition & dance. One costume has a weight up to 6 kg. It takes 2 persons to put it on in 1.5 h. No buttons were used. The young girls wear it at first time on their confirmation. Föhr is 1 of 3 North Frisian islands, 83 [square] km big with 8,500 inhabitants. It takes 50 min with the ferry to the continent. Have a sunny spring! Greetings from the Frisian Caribbean."

From Marina in Russia: "Hello Chris! I live in Ural. The Ural mountains are the border between Europe and Asia, but my city Perm is in European part. Perm is a big industrial city, its population is about one million people. My best wishes to you."

* * *

Thanks from abroad

And here's another roundup of emailed thank-you messages from fellow Postcrossing enthusiasts across the globe. These always reassure me that, at least when you get to the level of individual citizens, there is so much more that unites us than divides us.

Anton from Russia wrote: "Привет, Крис! I was absolutely delighted to receive such a wonderful and flamboyant card from you! The stamps were splendid as ever as well. Every time speak with a person from a different country I feel awe-struck by how alike we are. There's nothing a reasonable person desires more in the world than peace and understanding between people of various walks of life. Баба Яга would be thrilled to meet you as well, I'm sure. She would like to eat one of your cats, so be wary of that. I'd love to see one of the photographs taken by you or read your book in the future (in case you haven't written one already). Любовь победит ненависть! It's bound to happen. Peace! Anton"

John from Ireland wrote: "Hello Chris, a great unusual card received today. Thank you very much, I like it. I particularly enjoyed the stamps you placed on the card. I did not have any of them either, although I have a lot of US ones in my collection. They barely franked them too, a bonus, so all beautiful and welcomed. Hoping you and your family have a terrific 2019. 'Athbhlian faoi Mhaise Duit' Regards, John”

Wei from Taiwan wrote:
“你好!(hello) \(ˊ▽ˋ)/♡ Chris
Thank you very much for your sharing.(◡‿◡✿)
I very like this postcard and the stamps.(≧∇≦)/♡♡♡
Happy Postcrossing. (^ω^)
Wei Ling”

Vitalij in Belarus wrote: "Hello Cris! Greetings from Delarus, from Minsk! Добры Дзень, Крыс! Прывітанне з Беларусі, з Менску! Вялікі дзякуй за прыгожую паштоўку! І за добры беларускі асобнае дзякуй. Усяго добрага Вам, вашым родным і блізкім! Віталь."

Natalia from Russia wrote: "Hello Cris! Thank you very much for your card! Yes, I’m a big fan of the Phantom of the Opera :). I’ve seen it 3 times in New York and 2 times in Moscow (we had a Russian language version). And I have a soundtrack CD in my car, that I’m listening to very often and sing :) (especially when I have to drive at night). I have one question regarding your interests mentioned and I appreciate your answer very much. You’ve mentioned ephemera among your hobbies. — did you mean the butterfly? Good luck and happy postcrossing! Natalya"

Hyein from South Korea wrote: "Hi Chris! Thank you so much for your nice postcard and stamps. The John Lennon stamp looks so cool!"

Irene from Germany wrote: "Hello Chris, I thank you for the amazing postcard with the 'scary story time'. You made my day!! I also be happy about the stamps you used. Since I was young — I was a big fan of John Lennon — the best Beatle ever! Wishing you a wonderful springtime and a year full of interesting and colourful postcards. Best wishes Irene"

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