Monday, July 8, 2019

Family memories: The huge Dixie Cup near Easton

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This blog is about paper, so paper cups count, right?

When I was a kid and we were traveling to Dad's parents' place, I knew we were almost there when we drove past the huge water tower disguised as a Dixie Cup. It sat atop the Dixie Cup Corporation factory in Wilson, Pennsylvania, near Easton. They stopped making cups there around 1983, but the giant cup itself remains.

In May, published an article with the headline "The Dixie Cup plant is about to get cleaned up, plus what will happen to its rooftop icon." It details the potential $100 million redevelopment of the factory into 300-plus apartment units, plus commercial space. And what about the Dixie Cup on top? "Plans include refurbishing, repainting and re-illuminating the big rooftop water tank patterned after a Dixie Cup," the article states.

When I ran this news past Dad, who is now living in Florida, he had this to say:
"That the structure still remains since I was 6 years old in the 1950s is amazing. Think of all the people that worked there, raised families in the area and have passed on. When you take a drink or pour cream in your coffee, it happens because Americans in Easton PA devoted their lives to make Dixie Cups so that America could trust putting their lips on things that went into their mouth. Ironically, there are many Dixie Cups in our landfills. My Father worked to make the cups that people drink from safe. He asked nothing in return but for health, happiness and long life for his family."
And there you have it. Very happy to know that this building where Pappy worked, with its towering Dixie Cup on the roof, should be around for many more generations to come.

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  1. My grandfather is Harry Gehm who designed the Dixie Cup Statue.. My father is Alan T. Gehm and I need more information