Thursday, July 18, 2019

Moon landing clippings, Part 4

Making money off the moon mission! This advertisement is from the July 19, 1969, edition of the Cumberland Evening Times of Cumberland, Maryland.

Here's the full text for posterity and for SEO thrills...

* SALE *

We'll Gladly Give, When Our American Boys Walk On The Moon — Our Biggest, Most Scientific Achievement To Mankind ...
That Is: $200 Additional Off Each Of Our Already Sale Priced Lucky 'Win You Over' 7 SPECIALS As Are Now Being Advertised In The Automotive Columns of This Paper. We Sincerely Wish Our 3 Astronauts The Most Heavenly Success 'Outside' Of Our Earth!
Three Cheers!
Cor. Va. Ave. & 5th St. Ind. Blvd. 722-2222
The Oldest Name In The Used Cars In Town

* * *

Wait. Why is the word Outside in quotes? Was this auto dealer in the loop on Kubrick's movie-studio mooning landing hoax? I'm joking, of course. We landed on the moon in 1969. We walked on the moon in 1969. Here's an excellent and entertaining S.G. Collins YouTube video that puts the conspiracy theorists in their place.

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