Monday, September 9, 2019

Another round of pruning family photos, Part 4

Still plugging away...

1. Helen Simmons Carey, (possibly Helen Gregg Simmons Carey). She lived from 1894 to 1957 and was a cousin to some of my ancestors. It doesn't seem to be known who the child is. This photo is on a real photo postcard that was produced by Cummings' studio in Wilmington, Delaware. Based on the AZO stamp box, it was produced between 1924 and 1949. (If you've been following along, you might have noticed that many of these photos have already been scanned and placed in the Find A Grave database. That was the handiwork of Mom.)

2. Look, it's a kid hanging out with books and ephemera! Written on the back is "Edna?" but then that's crossed out and someone appears to have scrawled "Swithin" underneath. If that's the correct ID, it would be Dr. Swithin T. Chandler (1888-1961), who was the older brother of my great-grandmother, Greta Miriam Chandler Adams (1894-1988). The cabinet card was shot at A.P. Beecher at 315 Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware. So they were probably just the photographer's prop books.

3. Someone has written Sophie Simmons on the front of this cabinet card, which was shot at A.K.P. Trask on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. Obviously, with the name Simmons, this young lady fits somewhere into the family tree. Bauduy Simmons (1805-1882) was one of Greta's grandfathers. But I don't see an obvious Sophie anywhere in the main tree.

4. And, finally, we have Elizabeth Simmons Sheward, per the writing on the back of the card. Hey, I just saw her when I was looking through Bauday's side of the family. I think. There's an Irene Simmons Sheward (1871-1923) and her daughter, Elizabeth Ann Sheward Burns (1894-1985). I wonder if there was a mixup or conflation somewhere in the photo notations. This cabinet card was shot at Jarvis White & Co. in Davenport, Iowa. That company lists itself as the successor to Hastings, White & Fisher.

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