Thursday, October 31, 2019

Vintage spooky, sugary candy

These aren't from one of my envelopes, drawers or piles. Just some vintage images from the good old internet that I wanted to share for Halloween. If you're my age (Generation X — The Generation Raised on Sugar), you'll remember some of these treats...

Drac-Snax, by Topps

Munchy Mummies, by Topps
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Mr. Bones, by Fleer
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* * *

This one isn't candy, but adults sure liked to entice us with "vitamins disguised as candy" back in the day. (I would actually sneak extra doses of Flintstone Multivitamins, for the mini sugar rush.) Also, it's always good to check in with Vincent Price on Halloween.

Monster Multiple Vitamins
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  1. I loved all of those sweet tart/toy configurations. They came in miniature coffins, sarcophagi, trash cans, lockers and fire plugs. In fact, I have one of the fire plugs sitting on a shelf in front of me now.