Thursday, January 2, 2020

I'm definitely on the same wavelength with these two guys

I've enjoyed listening to the archives of the Lost in Criterion podcast during my commute. And I had a laugh-out-loud moment when I heard the introduction to their 2015 episode about the documentary Salesman.

If you read this blog regularly or know me, you'll know exactly why I loved this exchange. Here's a rough transcript:

Adam Glass: I've annotated my copy of the Bible. Some of them don't make sense. Like after Genesis 5:6, I put a note to see the article on Benedict Cumberbatch.

Pat Dorgan: Just to confuse people...

Adam Glass: It's more of an art project for me. It's not for my own edification in personal use. It's for presenting to my guests or leaving it to my nephews when I die.

Pat Dorgan: That I think is a really valuable use of something like that. Leave your nephews something wholly baffling. Imagine it as a puzzle they'll spend the rest of their lives trying to unravel with no success.

Adam Glass: Basically what I want to do with my life is leave enough material that in 500 years something I produced will be the new Voynich manuscript.

Pat Dorgan: I think a lot of people have that dream. The real issue is that as we approach a more and more digital world, that's going to be harder and harder to do. You're gonna have to just actively print shit out and leave it around.

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