Thursday, January 9, 2020

Postcard: Four horsewomen of the apocalypse

We need to let women lead the way! OK, here's a real photo postcard that was mailed from the super tiny village of Lamar, Nebraska. How small of a village? In the 2010 U.S. census, it had just 23 people. According to Wikipedia, Lamar had its own post office from 1887 to 1995, which seems inefficient given the population size (though it didn't drop under 100 people until after World War II). The original reason for the post office was, of course, the almighty railroad.

The postmark is blurred, so I don't know for sure the year that this postcard was mailed. The third number looks like a zero, which would put it between 1900 and 1909. I don't think that's an awful guess.

It was mailed to Miss Nina Stocks of Nashua, Iowa, and this is my best deciphering of the cursive note:
"Dear Friend: What do you know about this? Can you find me in the bunch? You can see I'm having a fine time. I am between my cousins, Abel Peterson's girls. Mr. Shattuck knows Mr. Peterson. And the other lady is Mrs. Danner.
Lovingly, Blanche"
So, if Blanche is between two people, that means she can only be horsewoman #2 or horsewoman #3, right? I'm betting she's #2, which would put Mrs. Danner in the #4 spot.

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