Saturday, February 29, 2020

Vintage postcard: Mother and bear cubs in Montana

Here's the last of a short series of postcards featuring old bear-themed postcards. (To see the rest, go here.) At this point, I'm very much just wishing people would leave the nice bears alone. Maybe they can be the next to inherit the planet.

The printed caption on the back of this postcard is:

MOTHER AND BEAR CUBS on Logan Pass Highway,
in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Color photo by D.J. Schmidt

The postcard was "published and copyrighted" by Glacier Studio in Browning, Montana. It is a Mirro-Krome card by H.S. Crocker Co. of San Francisco, California.

This card was postmarked in the summer of 1963 in East Glacier Park, Montana. It was sent to a Miss Weaver in [I think] Leola, Pennsylvania. (The entirety of the address is Leola, Pa., Route 1. I don't know how those postal workers did it back in the old days.)

The cursive message states:
"Saturday night out for a boat ride and two beautiful big bears, walking along the path, and people on the beach.
Cold [?] 50° early a.m.
Aunt Mamie [?]"

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