Saturday, February 15, 2020

Vintage postcard: "Saw the bears"

The "Bears in Postcards" series (see Feb. 9, Jan. 29, Jan. 23) continues. This is a Dexter Press postcard published, again, by Eric J. Seaich Co. of Salt Lake City. I wrote about him on one of the previous postcards. I guess he had a knack for catching those bears approaching cars.

This one is labeled ES-534. The caption states: "Mother bear and 2 cubs begging for food along the highway — a familiar site in Yellowstone Park, Wyo."

The card was postmarked on August 22, 1962, in West Yellowstone, Montana, and mailed to an address here in York, Pennsylvania. The note is written in cursive, diagonally, on the card and it states:
"Toured Yellowstone to-day. Weather swell only one warm day so far. 50° this morning. Saw the bears.
Helen M. Knox
Lillie M. Spangler"
A "Reassessment Supplement" published in the Gazette and Daily of York on August 25, 1970, shows both of those women having property in the York City 1st Ward. Helen M. Knox on East South Street, and Lillie M. Spangler on South George Street.

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