Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The cat bookends Mom gave me

Facebook reminded me this week that I posted this photograph there 3 years ago, on February 10, 2017.

It had the caption, "The cat bookends have been deployed, Mary Ingham Otto!"

I wanted her to know that one of her gifts had gone to excellent use.

I'm glad I posted it when I did, because she died suddenly less than three weeks later. It's crazy to think that was three years ago. It's a cliche, but in some ways it seems like it was yesterday and in other ways I feel like she's been gone for a decade. It's been a long three years.

We've also moved during that time. We no longer have that bookshelf. And I no longer have some of those books. I liked the three-volume The Book of The Thousand Nights and a Night, translated and annotated by Richard F. Burton, which was published in 1934 by Heritage Press. It had been my grandmother's. But it took up a lot of shelf space, and I knew I was never going to read it, so I sent it off to find a new Forever Home. No sense keeping books on shelves when others can enjoy them. I still have the cat bookends, of course. They are deployed in a couple different spots now, doing fine work.

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