Sunday, July 12, 2020

Snapshot & memories:
Me in a Star Trek shirt

Sunday morning ramblings and a snapshot...

I haven't been productive with my Papergreat posting routine lately. And it truly is all about routine. I'm either in a routine with these posts, or I'm not. My OCD doesn't have a middle ground in that regard. I was in a nice routine with the Shelfie 2020 series, and then things slowly petered out after that. These days, past the 120-day mark of essentially staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my established routine involves newspaper work, chores, tending to the backyard wildlife (which now includes raccoons!), trying to walk 5-to-7 miles per day, and keeping up with postcards. Plus some movies mixed in. 1 There's a need now for an adjustment, heading into the middle of summer, so that I can post here more frequently. The backlog remains huge!

So here's a random family snapshot I plucked. It's 4½ inches wide, has rounded corners, and previously resided in one of those photo albums with the sticky backing on every page. That's me mugging for the camera, front and center. To the right is my cousin Steve. Behind me is Cyrano. There's nothing written on the back of the photo. I'm fairly certain that this is our house on Willow Street in Montoursville, circa 1982. If memory serves, this is the "formal" living room on the first floor, toward the front of house. Steve and I are sitting on rolled-up sleeping bags. Not sure if we were going to be "camping" in that room as part of the cousins' visit from Texas, or if it was a staging area for the equipment for an actual camping outing. (Dad and I did a lot of those in Montoursville, as part of Webelos and Boy Scouts.)

I'm wearing a faded Star Trek: The Motion Picture T-shirt. My hazy recollection is that I got this at a T-shirt shop somewhere at the Jersey Shore2, perhaps when we were vacationing there with Mom and Dad's college friends, Susie and George. But I could be totally off on that, and maybe it was a different T-shirt I got "down the Shore." I had love for both Star Trek and Star Wars as a kid; I've written about Star Trek in previous posts about record albums, unfortunate jackets, games and more.

More of "Snapshot & memories"

1. Ashar and I have been watching a variety of films this summer. From Ran to Annabelle. From Modern Times to Magnolia. Last night I watched Au Hasard Balthazar.
2. Not to be confused with Jersey Shore in Lycoming County, not far from Montoursville.

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