Thursday, April 22, 2021

Postcard: Dream House Motel in Tucson, Arizona

Here's another one of the postcards I picked up last week at the coin shop in downtown Florence. It's an unused card with this caption on the back:

1265 Casa Grande Hwy.
Tucson, Arizona
On Highways 84-93 — Completely new 25
Deluxe Units — 14 with Kitchenettes — Panel
Ray Heat — Cooled by Refrigeration — Phone
in every Room — Heated Swimming Pool —
Patio —

Phone MA 3-6467
For a Night of Rest stay at the Dream House
Daily or Weekly Rates

The photo on the postcard is by Tom Reed and it was published by Phoenix Spec. Adv. Co.

In trying to figuring out more about this place, it's important to know that the names of roads sometimes change. A David Leighton article on ("Street Smarts: Miracle Mile went to 'Big House'") gives us this key information: 
"Casa Grande Road was officially established by the Pima County Board of Supervisors, on May 5, 1920. It ran from present-day Oracle Road west to the train tracks and north to the Pinal County line following what is now Interstate 10. It was later renamed Casa Grande Highway, and then Miracle Mile."
And, indeed, information became slightly easier to find if I searched "Dream House Motel" and "Miracle Mile," instead of "Casa Grande Highway." 

The Dream House must date to at least the 1960s, but I found online evidence of it as recently as 2010. Another piece, this one a John Brodesky column, from that year begins this way:
"There are few miracles on The Mile, and the folks living here know it.

"Life is hard along this gritty stretch of roadside motels whose names often advertise false hope in neon. There is the Dream House Motel, and the Sunland, hinting at bright futures and better days. There is the Amazon Motel and the Tiki, farther down along Oracle Road, hinting at exotic getaways. Far away from here. Far away from The Mile.

"For generations now, the stretch up Miracle Mile and down Oracle - the old Miracle Mile, for those who remember - has been a haven of pushers, pimps and prostitutes.

"In Tucson's dirty little corner, it was often easier to find a hooker than groceries. But that's changing. Miracle Mile is cleaning up - a miracle, if you will." 

Looking at a map now, it appears the Dream House might be gone. It seems that address is now a Circle K gas station/convenience store. But I might have drive past to find out for sure. It's a little over an hour from my house, so I'm thinking I'd need another reason to go to Tucson, too, to justify the trip. I'm sure there's a bookstore there.

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