Thursday, April 8, 2021

"The War is over and boys are back in College."

Today's postcard is a Genuine Curteich-Chicago postcard featuring "Quadrangle showing Old Main, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa." It was postmarked in Lewisburg on November 8, 1945, and mailed to Mrs. Amos Herold on West 52nd Street in Los Angeles, California.

The message states:
Nov. 8 - 1945
Bucknell had the most wonderful "home coming" Oct 20th. 1400 new and former students are here. The War is over and boys are back in College. Mrs. Marsh lives alone in that big house. Sorry Mr. H. is not well. 
Grace Snyder

Bucknell's Homecoming football game on that October 20, 1945, was against Penn State, with the Nittany Lions winning, 45-7. Bucknell's lone touchdown came on a 61-yard pass from Bill McKay to George Buchanan in the third quarter. Bucknell's only two football wins that autumn were against Scranton and Lafayette.

As to the Bucknell campus, one of Bucknell's history webpages provides these tidbits:

  • "In 1945, in expectation of the effect of the GI Bill on college admissions, President [Arnaud Cartwright] Marts developed a plan to recruit veterans and young men, which was described in the minutes of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustee’s meeting in Philadelphia:
Chairman Bostwick then read President Marts’ letter regarding a new plan for campaigning for young men and returning veterans. This plan involved sending a representative of the college to separation centers and actively recruiting men who are discharged from the army and also make an intensive effort to recruit 16 and 17-year old boys to begin their college work. Mr. Henderson moved and Dr. Harris seconded the motion that President Marts be empowered to move as he deemed proper. The motion carried unanimously.”
  • "Tuition for men for both the 1945-1946 and 1946-1947 Academic Years was $400.00 for the college year from September to June. The cost of a furnished room for men ranged from $120.00 for a furnished room in East or West College to $300.00 for a furnished suite with bath in Main College."
  • "In 1945, the university conferred the Master of Arts on twelve individuals, nine of whom were women, and the Master of Science in Education on seven individuals, three of whom were women."

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