Monday, May 31, 2021

1906 commencement postcard

This postcard — printed in Germany and published by The Hugh C. Leighton Co. of Portland, Maine — was mailed in April 1906 to Miss Essie Sharon of York Haven, Pennsylvania.1 Divided-back postcards with a message on the back weren't permitted in the United States until March 1907, so the note is written on the front of this card, across the blue sky. It states:
Dear Essie: — I have just returned home from the Commencement Exercises at Harrisburg High School. Am very tired. Tell Joe G. I am still waiting for that postal card. Had company last night. Will tell you who sometime. Come up soon.
From, Edith
Narrator's voice: We will never know who Edith's company was.

Harrisburg County Club, pictured on the front of the postcard, is, according to its website, "the oldest established private club in the Central Pennsylvania area. It was founded in 1896 by a distinguished list of Harrisburg business leaders seeking the social and sports amenities of country club life for themselves and their families. The Country Club of Harrisburg is built on the foothills of the Blue Mountains, high above the Susquehanna River in scenic Fishing Creek Valley, just ten minutes from Harrisburg and convenient to both East Shore and West Shore locations."

1. For some historical context, this postcard was mailed just days before that year's shattering San Francisco earthquake.

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