Monday, June 14, 2021

A little fun on Twitter


@timtfj: Looks like an explanation of tortoise anatomy by analogy to humans, but I can't read the Japanese. (Twitter is telling me to "Tweet your reply!!!!!", so I am!)

@kelsey_feed: this would be my dream tbh ‘okay I’m done, bye’

@keithfrankish: How did evolution miss this opportunity? Imagine if you could retreat into your own ribcage when social situations turned awkward!


If you find this amusing, the likely original source and the home of many more disturbing and hilarious illustrations such as this one is the Twitter feed @scienceshitpost.

In January 2020, IFLScience wrote: "Over the last few weeks, something magical has happened. People have noticed that old science textbook diagrams have a remarkable similarity to deliberate s**tposts on the Internet. ... Apparently, this occurs naturally in science textbooks, as people have been sharing recently ... [on] the Science Diagrams That Look Like S**tposts Twitter account."

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