Sunday, August 1, 2021

1924 "Best Wishes" postcard and a baby with six teeth

Today's featured postcard is a lightly water-stained "Best Wishes" card that was mailed from New Bedford, Massachusetts, to North Dartmouth, Massachusetts in February 1924

North Dartmouth is actually just a section of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, for which the town motto is Utile Dulci — Latin for "Useful and Agreeable." Those are some characteristics we could use much more of in the United States these days. (Dartmouth the town, by the way, is not to be confused with the Ivy League college, which is located up yonder in New Hampshire.)

The postcard was written to Mrs. Mary C. Kentfield. My best guess from some searches is that she was born Mary Ella Cope, lived from 1891 to 1988, and married John Theodor Kentfield in 1917.

The punctuation-lacking cursive message states:
Dear Mrs. Kentfield
Received your postal was glad to hear from you. am fine but baby is sick at present he has six teeth and was walking about holding on anything he could get hold of, but is going to be put back I think with this sickness wish to see your baby now.
The signature might be "Mary J." with a last name I cannot decipher. Or it might be just "Mary J." followed by the word "Write." Or, now that I think of it, is that J an I? Any thoughts?

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