Saturday, August 13, 2022

Saturday's postcard: A Snow Tramp on Mount Royal, Montreal

This postcard, titled "A Snow Tramp on Mount Royal, Montreal" was published by The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co. of Montreal and Toronto and printed in Great Britain. 

I can't make out the year on the postmark, which is a bummer. but the green stamp is a Canadian King George V one-cent stamp that was first issued in December 1911. So, sometime during the 1910s makes the most sense.

The card was mailed to George S. Maxwell of Vernon, British Columbia. The cursive note states:
Dear Friend,
you must excuse me for not answering your card and letter [?] this but I received both O.K. Glad you are getting along so well and sorry I will not be able to see you at [??] this year. Write again and tell all the news. yours respectfully, Alexander M. Matheson.

I have no idea what that word is indicating the place they won't be meeting. It appears to have a B or G at the beginning and maybe a P and/or K. Also in this note, I was slightly thrown off by the I's that look like 9's.  

It's crazy how many postcards I've written about over the years that include apologies for failing to write back in a timely manner. Sometimes the apology takes up half the card, and then there's no interesting news on the rest of the card. What's the point? And Alexander has the temerity to write nothing and then ask that George "tell all the news."

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