Saturday, March 25, 2023

Saturday's postcards: Postcrossing arrivals from around Earth

I've received some cool postcards through Postcrossing in recent days. First up is the above card, which features artwork by French artist Jean-Jacques Waltz (1873-1951), who was also known as Oncle Hansi and Hansi. It was sent to me by a pair of secondary school teachers who live in a small village in Catalonia. They write about their postcards on this blog (which you may need to translate to English using Google).

Here are the handwritten notes from the other recent arrivals:

Nadia from Italy writes: "In life I teach art history! I love reading (thriller), painting and traveling!"

Marie, a kindergarten teacher in Hamburg, Germany, who likes to read novels about paintings, sent a card that features this quote: "Cats love people much more than they want to admit, but they have so much wisdom that they keep it to themselves!" 

Karin, a nurse in Germany who is interested in Hildegard of Bingen and loves The Lord of the Rings movies, writes: "Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." That's fun advice. Two places I've been mulling in Arizona are Lake Havasu City (to see London Bridge) and the ghost town of Santa Claus. They're both quite a hike, though. I may need something closer.

Daniel, who lives in Israel and misses attending ice hockey games, writes: "Greetings from Israel! Incidentally, I was born and raised in Arizona. I hope this finds you well."

Sandra, who lives in Germany and likes watching handball matches and knitting socks for homeless people, writes: "Today you find a postcard from Germany in your mailbox. My name is Sandra and I live in Frankfurt. One of my favorite fairy tales is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry. Stay safe, happy and healthy."

And Bernadette, who lives in Germany and likes postcards of painted snow globes, writes: "I live alone in a small flat in a small village not so far away from Heidelberg. I have a boyfriend. He visits me often. I have no pets because of the small flat and that I work fulltime." Bernadette's postcard is pictured below, with the help of Toffee (aka Toffmeister T).

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