Monday, April 4, 2011

Worst Christmas present ever?

This old Christmas list was tucked away inside a hardcover edition of H.B. Gilmour's "So Long, Daddy".

It has a fairly typical roll call of presents. Sandra & Louie and Joan & Fred are getting bedspreads. Ellen & Jim are getting a copy of "The Wizard of Oz" (Book? VHS? DVD?). Others are getting shirts, dolls, gloves, can openers and perfume. Typical Christmas presents.

And then there's Loretta.

Loretta must have really ticked someone off that year.

Next to her name on the list is written "plague".

Which raises a lot of questions. First, what kind of plague? Bubonic? Septicemic? Pneumonic? Or perhaps Loretta got one of the Biblical Plagues, and came downstairs to a Christmas tree surrounded by frogs or locusts.

Also, where does one shop for the plague? Does is come safely packaged?

I wonder if they ever got a thank-you note from Loretta. If they did, it might have been best not to open it.


OK, some readers are already pointing out that Loretta clearly received a plaque for Christmas, not the plague. To which I would reply:

1. Yes, but that's not nearly as interesting or fun. Who wants to read a blog entry about a plaque?
2. It sure looks like a "g" to me, and not a "q".

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  1. Oh, that says "plague" all right! I've vote Bubonic, personally.