Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy New Year and have some walnut kisses

Here are the front and back sides of an old "New Year Greetings" card.1 The front looks like it's signed by someone with the last name "Kilgore." I really love the delicate artistry of the owls and the clock tower.

Written on the back, in cursive, is a recipe for a sweet treat:2
Mrs. Wogan's recipe for Walnut Kisses

1 lb. kernels ground
1 lb. pulverized sugar
whites of 6 eggs

Beat egg whites stiff
add sugar + keep beating until stiff
When real stiff add nuts + flour

Grease pans
Slow oven 300°
That doesn't seem like enough specific information to successfully carry out the recipe, does it?

Here are some links to additional pages about walnut kisses, which seem to have at least some history as a Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish treat:

1. This card was found within the same lot of books from Glen Rock that yielded the bookmark and "Alice and Jerry" reader I wrote about last week. There were a bunch of ephemera goodies within this collection, and it's going to yield some great future posts on Papergreat.
2. Want more sweets? Here are recipes for rio cream and apricot ice cream from a previous post.

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  1. We own "Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking" and I've blogged from it before!