Friday, June 3, 2011

Great links: The world's most inspiring bookstores

In case you missed it1, had a slideshow earlier this week titled "The world's most inspiring bookstores." My favorites were the bookstores in Detroit, Paris (pictured above), Buenos Aires, UrueƱa and Cairo2.

Which bookstores in the slideshow seem most appealing to you? And what are the best bookstores (in any corner of the world) that you've visited over the years?

1. And 12,000 people already "liked" this slideshow on Facebook before I wrote about it. So there's a good chance you've already seen this.
2. I found this additional fun tidbit about the Azbakia Book Market in Cairo in an article by Salma Tantawi: "There are no price tags; so the pricing mainly depends on the salesman’s mood and what he thinks you can pay. Therefore, never take their word as absolutely final; or you could end up buying a torn Nicholas Sparks novel for 50LE. Bargaining is key here; try your best to reduce the price, and if that doesn’t work; pretend that you’re leaving: the owner wouldn’t let you go away that easy, and he will eventually relent." Kind of makes me want to go to Cairo this weekend!

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