Friday, June 3, 2011

Teaching America to sew in the 20th century

Here's the cover from "Simplicity Sewing Book: Easy Guide for Beginners and Experts." It was published in either 1954 or 1955.

Simplicity Pattern Company, a brand of Simplicity Creative Group, was founded in 1927. According to the website's history page:
Simplicity designs, produces and markets sewing patterns for individuals who love to sew. ... Simplicity has long been known as a company committed to sewing education and support. In the early 1940’s, Simplicity embarked on a major sewing education program, by which travelling representatives, fashion shows, educational books and literature were presented and disseminated across the country. Such programs cemented Simplicity as the key source for learning to sew, and set the foundation for how sewing is taught today.
Author Eudora Welty is said to have used Simplicity Patterns for her short stories, pinning her paragraphs to the paper and rearranging passages for the strongest storytelling effect.

Here's some more on Simplicity's vintage sewing patterns, if you're interested.

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