Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Countdown #10:
Clowns. Why'd it have to be clowns?

So, I was leafing through an old copy of "Sunset Ideas for Recreation Rooms," figuring it would be easy for a home-design and decorating book from 40 years ago to contain something garish enough for Halloween Countdown.

But I kept coming up empty. Furthermore, I found myself really liking some of the room designs in the book. There are some wonderful ideas for family rooms, dens, home offices, studios and workshops -- many of which strongly incorporate the idea that a home should be filled with books. "There's nothing hideous about any of this!" I lamented.

But then, as I leafed toward the back of the book, I came across a photo for a family-craft room. And the horror leaped out at me.

A clown painting?!?

Who would put a horrifying painting of a clown on the wall of their fun and happy family-craft room? And, trust me, this is truly a horrible-looking clown, perhaps a relative of Pennywise.1 Take a closer look:

I mean, why not just go the whole nine yards and put a painting of The Master on your wall?

Halloween Countdown will return on Monday night for a final week of horrific posts!

1. Let me guess. You clicked on the Pennywise link and now you're upset. What, precisely, did you expect that link to take you to? By the way, we all float down here in the footnotes.

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