Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reader comments: Much praise and an ominous warning

This week's roundup of reader comments serves as a great ego boost. Thanks for all the praise!

Snapshots from Kiwanis Lake in York: Jennifer (from the blog Life in the AZ Desert) writes: "These photos are gorgeous; thank you for sharing!"

Jennifer also commented on Saturday's postcard: Autumn in Nebraska and The Mite Society: "I love that you took the time to find the info, then post your footnote to the date from this postcard!! You have some of the most interesting paper ephemera -- thanks for sharing it with all of us!"

Old Dinosaur Illustration of the Day: "Basselope," who figures prominently in this entry, writes: "Chris, you're right - the Internet is an interesting place. While searching for information related to the sales copy of this book, which I have had as a child, I saw a Google preview of someone seemingly discussing just this scenario. 'No Way!' I thought. Turns out I was the dummy who got the author's middle name wrong. ... and I had no idea until I read your post. I'm very glad you found my words worth re-posting, warts and all. It's really a very good book and surprisingly accurate for the time. You may be happy to know that you can download the full book at"

Halloween Countdown #7: Pimples? Blackheads? Freckles? Buffy Andrews, who blogs at Buffy's Write Zone and Buffy's World and works alongside me at the York Daily Record/Sunday News, writes: "You never cease to amaze me with your finds and wit. And you brought back memories of The Carpenters and Three Dog Night. My older sisters listened to those groups."

Halloween Countdown #1: Nightmare toilets: Sean McLachlan (from the blog Civil War Horror) writes: "My eyes!!!!!"

Halloween Countdown #3: Things you shouldn't put in Jell-O: Justin Mann, who writes the Justin's Brew Review blog, writes: "I've really been enjoying the scary ephemera. This one is especially terrifying. And I agree with you about the shrimp!"

Finally, I also received this ominous (and anonymous) note on that blog entry:

"Don't eat the red jello. It will make you crazy."

Any ideas what that means?

I've Googled the heck out of "Red Jell-O" and I'm at an utter loss.

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  1. Chris - I was wondering about the "red jello" comment too. I figured the Mr./Ms. Anonymous was referring to the effects of the dye, but I really have no idea. BTW, if you Google "red jello makes you crazy", your blog is hit #4!