Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maps, maps and more maps

I've been coming across a higher number of maps than usually lately, mostly by sorting through books and peering at their endpapers. So I thought it might be interesting to share images of some of those maps this afternoon.

From "The Robe" by Lloyd C. Douglas

Douglas' 1942 novel take place during the reign of the Roman Empire in the first century. Locations and peoples noted on this portion of the map include Londinium, which was established by the Romans around 43 AD; Belgica; Lugdunum; Cisalpine; and Marcomanni, a Germanic tribe.

From 1964's "European History Atlas Without Text"

This map, intended for students, highlights medieval commerce and industries, including the scope of Hanseatic League. I thought it was interesting to note the various products listed, including wax, hemp, flax, furs, honey, pitch, wool, skins, wheat, tar, grain, amber, iron, horses and slaves.

From 2007 Taschen calendar "Maps from the Atlas Maior of 1665 by Joan Blaeu"

The Atlas Maior was, according to Wikipedia, "a comprehensive world atlas, conceived by Willem Blaeu of Amsterdam, but compiled by his son Joan Blaeu, and completed in 1665. The original work consisted of eleven volumes, in Latin, containing 594 maps."

This map features Gotland, a region within Sweden. An English translation of the original text on the map states: "Gotland is a region of Sweden covered with forests and mines. The air there is relatively temperate and devoid of infection and the soil is fertile."

From "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"

Key locations from the European front of World War II are shown on this map, which appears in "The Rise of the Third Reich," a map featured at the front endpapers of William L. Shirer's epic work. The map on the back endpapers details "The Fall of the Third Reich."

A very tough city in "Halo in Blood"

I love when novels contain maps of their settings. This one appears at the front of John Evans' 1946 Bantam paperback "Halo in Blood" (a tough mystery about a tough guy in a very tough city). It includes hero Paul Pine's office, apartment and "Where Pine gets conked." Not only does the book contain a map, but it also includes a "Cast of Characters." One of the characters is "Pasty Face," who is described thus: "D'Allemand's muscle-man, had a toadstool complexion."

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