Saturday, January 7, 2012

Old newspaper clippings of crime and punishment

What will we do in the future when we don't have old newspaper clippings to browse through any more? Will we repost bizarre blurbs on the Farks and Diggs and Reddits of the future? Will weird writeups be sent daily to our Nooks and Kobos and Kindles?1

Here are some old clippings from the world of crime and punishment.

Assaulted Farmer

This article comes from the October 4, 1919, edition of The State Register of Laurel, Delaware.2 And to think that it all started with the theft of a blanket...

Hunting for an "Ape Man"

These next two clippings come from the late-October 1935 issues of the St. Paul (Minn.) Dispatch that have been featured often on Papergreat. This one is full of lurid details, including the "ape man," a drain pipe, an automobile accident, mysterious messages and more. It would be interesting to know how this whole case turned out. One of the saddest things, though, is that the woman with the skull fracture doesn't even get a name. She's just "Mrs. Jack London," the red-haired wife of a grocer.

Roughing up the referee

This one involves a crowd getting out of hand at a wrestling match in St. Paul, Minnesota. It includes "groan and grunt" men, cries of "Kill him!", a hurled flashlight3 and some missing teeth. My favorite quote comes from the victim, referee Carlos Phenicie, at the end of the story.

1. I think Dr. Seuss would be proud of those two sentences!
2. Other items from this newspaper were featured in the Papergreat posts Please remember to proofread the advertisements and Stay away from the hard cider.
3. Who takes a flashlight to a wrestling match? Actually, given that this was a theater and that the "show" involved both a motion picture and a wrestling bout, perhaps the flashlight came from one of the ushers. (Or was thrown by one of the ushers.)

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