Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday's postcard: America House Motor Inn

Today's unused, undated postcard showcases the America House Motor Inn & Restaurant, which I don't believe exists any more.

According to the back of the card, the facility was located "On Eastern Shore of Virginia at Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Plaza." I think that means it was located in Virginia Beach, but I could be wrong. Scanning some maps, it appears that residential development has taken hold in the area where this motor inn would have been previously located.

The facility was described on the back of the postcard as follows:
"40 acres of family seaside fun! Ten-acre private sandy beach, world's best sports fishing, sailboats, swimming pools, putting green, driving range, playgrounds, picnic grounds, indoor and outdoor game facilities, famous Chincoteague ponies. Soaring observation tower gives beautiful view of Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean."
Does anyone have any memories or further information regarding this place?


  1. My family stayed at this property several times in the late 1970s. It was one of our favorite vacation spots - a very special place. It was located not in Virginia Beach but south of Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore, at the north end of the Bridge and Tunnel. The property still stands and is now called the Sunset Beach Resort.

  2. I'm happy to say that the America House Motor Inn is still in business and is now called the Sunset Beach Inn and Grille. I've stay at the motel many times since the early 1970's, it's always been one of my favorite getaway spots. I haven't been back for several years, so I don't know what it's like today, but whenever I visited it in the past the rooms were always very clean, the food was good in their restaurant and the staff friendly.

    The Kiptopeke / Cape Charles area is a great place to kick back on a weekend getaway. Not much to do but enjoy the scenery and small town life.

  3. America House was one of my family’s favorite vacation stops in the early 1970s. So much to do: the beach, pool, game room and observation tower. Perfect for a young person. Food in the restaurant was very good and I loved the grape Nehi was a great treat. Years later I returned with my wife and we found the motel rundown
    with rusted doors, etc. the renamed motel now has campers and RVs parked in its spacious grounds and makes me leery about trying it again.