Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A heartfelt gallery of vintage Valentine's Day cards

Happy Valentine's Day! As promised last week, here's a gallery of vintage Valentine's Day cards that I've been collecting during the past 12 months.

Above: This card, which was printed by Carrington Co., of Chicago, Illinois, has the following inscription in cursive on the back: "To Wilma from Max Myers and Leona"

Above: This card, which was printed in Germany, features a puppy, a girl and a boy with checkered pants, argyle socks and a saw. On the back is written: "To Mary Holstein, From Ruth Rhinehart"

Above: This "Come on and be My Valentine" card features no indication of its manufacturer or country of origin. I find it interesting that two of these first three valentines feature winter scenes. Valentine's Day is, by definition, always during the wintertime. But it seems to me that modern-era valentines rarely incorporate the snow and cold into their scenes and illustrations.

This one has some interesting writing on the back. The following is written in blue ink:
To my Dear Friend Mary Olivera
sending you my best wishes for on Valentine
From Your Friend Elvera Rodrigues [or Rodriques]
Santa Maria, Cal., P.O. #153
In the spot where "Mary Olivera" was originally written, the name "Lottie Fernandez" has been written over top of it, in dark pencil.

Above: This "MADE IN U.S.A." card, of comparatively more recent vintage than the other cards, is quite romantic with its pipe and tobacco, don't you think? The card has never been used. The pre-printed inscription inside states:
"A Valentine message, short and sweet
But full of zip and punch --
It comes to say that night and day
You are my honeybunch;
You are my heart's desire and, dear,
You make my life complete;
So let me say I hope this day
Brings joy that's hard to beat."

Above: Finally, here's another card that was made in Germany. The front states: "Come on Sweetie, raise the lid! Meow! Meow! I love you, kid." On the back, the inscription indicates that it's "To Wilma, From Billie Jean and John Alden."

And what happens when you raise the lid? Here you go!

My Valentine's Day wish to all of you: I hope you never, ever come across a cat in real life with lips like that.

If you do, run like hell.

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