Thursday, May 17, 2012

Linen postcard of a bear cub having lunch in Maine

A late-night treat. You can't go wrong with cute baby animals, right?

This undated linen postcard of a bear cub is titled "Lunch Time in Maine." Linen postcards, according to this 2007 article by Charles Hopkins, "are easily identifiable by the type of high rag card stock they were printed on which was produced with a linen finish; a textured pattern distinguished by parallel and intersecting lines resembling linen cloth."

The bulk of linen postcards were printed from roughly 1930 through 1945.

This postcard was published by American Art Post Card Co. of Brookline, Mass. The company also published at least two other variations of this same basic baby-bear image, which can be seen at Lazy B Ranch Antiques and Collectibles and The Postcard Attic.

According to the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City's website, which is oft-quoted here, American Art Post Card was based in both Brookline and Boston and was in operation from 1915 to 1953. More from Metropolitan:
"[American Art Post Card] was a publisher of black & white collotypes, and tinted halftone view-cards. They used the trade name Photolux on many cards. Most of their white border cards were contracted out to Curt Teich. These cards are often recognizable by their blocky titles and numbers."

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