Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy birthday to Brother Frank

This is the inscription inside an old book that was not salvageable because of significant water damage. But I like the style of the cursive script too much to just toss the book away without first scanning and posting the inscription for digital posterity.

To Brother Frank
From Mattie.

Wishing you many happy
March 21st 1915

So, either Frank and Mattie were siblings, or Frank was a monk or friar. I'm guessing it's the first possibility.

The book is 1902's "Brewster's Millions" by George Barr McCutcheon.1 The novel has been adapted into plays (a picture of stage actor Robert Ober is the book's frontispiece) and at least 10 movies — including three in India and the 1985 comedy starring Richard Pryor, John Candy and Stephen Collins.

1. McCutcheon also wrote a series of novels about the fictional Eastern European country of Graustark, the capital city of which is Edelweiss.

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