Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Election Day, here's one thing we can all agree on...

This is a cheesy postcard!

The undated card has the following text on the back:

at Entrance to Blue Coat Inn
800 N. State St., Dover, Delaware
Phone 674-1776
Events commemorated on this sign, & other aspects of Delaware's Heritage, are depicted thruout the Inn's many dining rooms, fronting on picturesque Silver Lake. The young Patriots are in Olde Dover Days costume.

From what I can ascertain, the Blue Coat Inn has been bulldozed. A reviewer on VirtualTourist shared these sad updates about the establishment:
"Atwoods was formerly known as the Blue Coat Inn until very recently. As the Blue Coat Inn, it was famous for its fine dining and dishes including steak and seafood. ... For the rumor mill: apparently the previous owner hired a hit man to 'knock off' his business partner when they were deep in debt. The previous owner is now doing hard time and the partner owns the business. ...

Bad news for Blue Coat Inn fans, good news for Atwoods haters ... This restaurant and parking lot area along Silver Lake has been sold to [a] local developer. He plans to build a multistory office building and small tavern here overlooking the lake. ... [When] asked if people might be upset about tearing down the picturesque little gazebo along the water where many weddings have been held, he replied, 'Some people that got married there probably got divorced. They might be happy.'"

Oh well.

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