Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dormison "helps break the anxiety-insomnia-anxiety cycle"

Trouble sleeping? This old ink blotter touts the Schering Corporation's prescription-only Dormison.

Dormison was a "mild sedative-hypnotic" that, according to the advertising:
  • Gently induced a sound, restful sleep
  • Helped patients wake up alert and refreshed
  • Calmed tense and nervous patients
  • Helped break the anxiety-insomnia-anxiety cycle
  • Was notably free from hangover and side effects
  • Showed no evidence of habit-forming properties
  • Was safe for all age groups

Despite all that, it doesn't seem that the product had much staying power. It was called methylpentynol and, according to Wikipedia, "it was discovered by Bayer in 1913 and was used shortly thereafter for the treatment of insomnia, but its use was quickly phased out in response to newer drugs with far more favorable safety profiles."

Hmm. "Far more favorable safety profiles" makes it sound like Dormison wasn't nearly as safe as advertised here.

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