Sunday, May 26, 2013

Undated rain check from Port Royal Speedway in Juniata County

Today is a major day for auto racing in the United States, with the Indianapolis 500 and the NASCAR Sprint Cup's Coca-Cola 600 both being contested. In Pennsylvania, dirt-track racing is also a big part of the sports culture.

This is an undated (1960s?) rain check1 from Port Royal Speedway, a dirt racetrack in Port Royal2, Juniata County, Pennsylvania. (The actual ticket is only two inches wide.) Port Royal opened in 1938, closed during World War II and has been in continuous operation since 1946.

Port Royal Speedway and its races are also a big attraction at the Juniata County Fair, which dates to 1852 and will be held from August 31 to September 7 this year.

These days, most tickets at Port Royal range from $15 to $30. (Student tickets, though, are a relative bargain at just $5.) So it's a bit quaint to think of a time several decades ago when admission at Port Royal was just $1.50.

1. The concept of a "rain check" was first used in baseball, as early as 1884.
2. Port Royal was originally incorporated as Perrysville is 1843. The name was changed to Port Royal in 1874.

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