Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Space-age pictures from a 1964-65 Futurama brochure

This pairs nicely with last month's post about the map for GM's Futurama at the 1964-65 World's Fair in New York.

It's a 9-inch-by-4-inch brochure that was intended for mailing. The inside of the brochure features a collage of scenes from inside Futurama. The futuristic settings remind me a lot of Thunderbirds and the supermarionation of this same time period.

City of Tomorrow

"A dynamic new spirit enlivens the 'City of Tomorrow.' People, vehicles, goods — even some of the sidewalks — are moving. The city, cured of its traffic ills, is reborn as the center of commerce, communication and culture."

Antarctica base

"Man turns ice-clad Antarctica into a global weather center and probes its frozen wastes for resources needed by a growing world population."

Firebird IV

"Firebird IV, latest in a series of turbine-driven experimental cars, promises new heights of comfort and convenience in automatic motoring."

Moon base

"In one of the greatest adventures of all time, man explores the moon aboard multi-wheel crawlers designed to cruise almost any terrain."

Undersea resort

"Resort hotels beneath the sea serve a new vacation playground."

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  1. My parents went to this fair....I remember well all the fascinating information they brought back. Still waiting on that future life.