Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The old box top for "Illustrated Stationery for Little Folks"

Yes, I'm the guy who looks around the drafty antiques store — this one was in the community of Red Rock in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania — and picks out the cardboard top to an old box of stationery just because it has a delightful illustration.

That's all it was. Just the top of the box. No bottom. No actual stationery or envelopes. Somehow it stayed out of the garbage bin all these decades. And then some guy actually paid a dollar to buy it.

And so here it is.

And here, improbably recorded for posterity, are the colorful sides of this cardboard box top. You're welcome.

Addendum: Five minutes later...

Well, well. It looks like I'm not nearly as original or unique as I thought I might be with this post.

Google "illustrated stationery for little folks" and you're sure to find even more!

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