Thursday, July 11, 2013

Graphic design: 8 cool company logos from old magazine ads

Today, for something a little different, here are eight company logos pulled from advertisements featured in the pages of Ladies' Home Journal in 1919 and 1936.

I chose these because I thought the graphic design and typography used by these companies were creative and worth sharing here in 2013. Plus, few (if any) of these companies still exist today, so this will help keep them from being lost in the sands of time.

Kapock (draperies)

"Like a magic hand, their soft silky folds — whether in gorgeous shades of gold, quiet old blue or any of the large variety of 'Long-Life-Colors' bring joy and charm into your home." (LHJ, November 1919)

Artamo (garments)

"The ease and quickness of completing ARTAMO Outfits is as noteworthy as are the novel designs themselves." (LHJ, November 1919)

Wooltex Tailor-mades

"To meet your demand for not merely style, alone, but undoubted, enduring style, the most dependable shop in your city has selected their very limited number of Wooltex Tailor-made Coats."1 (LHJ, November 1919)


"Expello is the most successful 'demother' because in use it vaporizes, sinking into every crevice of fibre, killing the worm that does all the damage." (LHJ, April 1936)


"Fish fairly melts in your mouth when basted with Angostura and melted butter. For Free Book of Recipes Write Angostura-Wuppermann Corp. 254 Park Ave., N.Y.C." (LHJ, April 1936)

CosyToes (felt slippers)

"CosyToes Feltwear [from the Standard Felt Company2 of West Alhambra, California] is produced from famous California sun-bleached all-wool felt, noted for its luxurious broadcloth finish." (LHJ, November 1919)

Ohio-Tuec (vacuums)

"After testing and comparing it to others, nine women out of ten choose the OHIO-TUEC Electric Vacuum Cleaner.3 It will pay you to learn the reason." (LHJ, November 1919)

Azurea (face powder)

(Because it's so cool, I scanned more than just the company logo.)

"Its Distinctive Fragrance Makes It Conspicuously Smart — Its Delicate Fragrance Makes It Smartly Inconspicuous." (LHJ, November 1919)

But wait, there's more...
Check back to Papergreat this evening for two bonus posts featuring additional vintage advertisements from Ladies' Home Journal.

1. The Wooltex logo is part of a full-page advertisement for The H. Black Company. The 1919 coat prices ranged from $45 to $175. That's the equivalent of $590 to $2,300 today. Oof.
2. The following excerpt regarding the history of the Standard Felt Company comes from "Alhambra (Images of America)" by Michael Anthony Orozco: "Alfred Dolge converted the San Gabriel Winery buildings into a felt factory in 1903. In 1908, the company was reorganized as the Alfred Dolge Felt Company. By 1910, it was renamed the Standard Felt Company, by which it would be known for the next 75 years of operation. The buildings were torn down in 1987 to make way for Target, Costco, and various other businesses."
3. For more about this company, check out this forum on Vacuumland. (Yes, there's a website called Vacuumland. It's pretty cool.)