Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inscription from Grandma Burbank inside "Carl Bartlett"

This is the inscription on the first page of a book that must have been given as a Christmas present 120 years ago...

The book that Willie L. Belknap received in 1893 was the Arlington Edition of "Carl Bartlett; or, What Can I Do?" by D.S. Erickson. It was published by Hurst & Co. of New York.

Other than the cursive inscription and the fancy exterior, the most interesting aspects of this novel are the advertisements on the last few pages. They include:

  • The Argyle Press, General Book Manufacturers, on Cherry Street in New York
  • "The Handbook of Good Manners" ("With this book, no one need be at a loss how to act in any emergency that may arise, or hesitate to enter into any society without being subject to confusion or discomfort.")
  • "Confidential Advice to a Lover" ("An Expose of all the Arts, Charms, and Peculiarities of the Female Sex, Showing the Characteristics of Qualities Necessary in a Good Wife")1
  • "The Great Chinese Wizard's Hand-Book of Magic" ("The Black Art Exposed!")
  • "Magic Changeable Trick Cards"
  • "German Harmonicas"

1. I wonder if Grandma Burbank knew that advertisement was back there.

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