Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's get the whole gang together for a picture

This is one of those photographs that deserves to be magnified, as the original (tattered) image is only three inches wide.

There is no information at all on the back.

So we're left to wonder:
  • Is this a school class picture?1
  • What year or decade was this taken?
  • What did all these children grow up to do?

Unrelated Halloweeny Footnote
1. If you've never read the short horror story “This Year's Class Picture” by Dan Simmons, I recommend that you track it down.

1 comment:

  1. Taking the line from the popular TV series "If Walls Could Only Talk" -- "If Pictures Could Only Talk". Actually technology has brought us to the point of talking pictures. Perhaps, if the world survives 100 years from now that the people viewing our current pictures will have the benefit of hearing the voices of the people in the picture and learning about them. But, then again, wouldn't that take much of the joy and imagination away from those of us who love to look at old pictures and allow our minds free reign to imagine the stories behind the people in these pictures.