Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Postcard of "Autumn Woods" by American artist George Inness

Here's another postcard featuring an autumn scene. It pairs nicely, I think, with last month's "Farben-Aufnahme direkt nach der Natur."1

The artist is George Inness (1825–1894), an American landscape painter who was a major part of the tonalist movement. His works, many of which can be seen here, included numerous depictions of autumn, including Early Autumn Montclair, Autumn Oaks, Autumn Gold, Autumn Meadows and Spirit of Autumn.

This one is titled Autumn Woods, was created very late in Inness' life, and has long been property of The Art Institute of Chicago. It is an oil-on-canvas work.

I look at the house in the background of Inness' painting and imagine that, on a windy and rainy October night, this woman is sitting inside.

The postcard itself is unused and was published by The Detroit Publishing Co., which was in business from approximately 1880 to 1936.

According to an extensive history of The Detroit Publishing Co. provided by Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City:
"Originally a printer of religious books and calendars, the Detroit Photographic Company Ltd. shifted production in 1897 when owners William A. Livingstone and Edwin H. Husher saw the potential in postcards. After negotiations with Orell Fussli, Detroit became the sole American company to license the Swiss photochrom process, which they would eventually register in 1907 under the name Phostint."

1. And if you want to get your Complete Autumn Ephemera Fix, here is a list of past Papergreat posts:

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