Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Old postcard: "Farben-Aufnahme direkt nach der Natur"

This colorful old postcard has never been used and is in rough shape after many, many decades.1 I like it for its peaceful autumn scene — and it's a reminder that autumn, finally, is just around the corner. (The autumnal equinox is this upcoming Sunday afternoon.)

Printed in German on the back of the card is Farben-Aufnahme direkt nach der Natur, which translates to "color image directly from nature."

There's also a tiny logo on the back, the size of a pencil eraser tip. Here it is, magnified:

Finally, the postcard reminds me a little of another German scenery postcard that was featured here: Partie am Ottofels b. Wernigerode.

1. Want it? I feel like it deserves to be mailed after biding its time for so long. That's what postcards are for! Be the first to send your address to sportseditorotto-at-gmail.com and I'll send it your way.

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