Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snapshots from a 1959 science fair

These four Kodak snapshots from a March 1959 science fair1 were found in a box and had no other accompanying information. So we don't know where this fair was held or who these people are. Of course, if you recognize anyone, let me know.

Perhaps she should spend less time straightening
her paper and more time proofreading her poster.

Science Fair Chickens!2

There are all sorts of interesting faces in this wide shot,
if you zoom in and have a look around.

I wonder how the evolution project in the background fared.

1. Speaking of science fairs, our family recently watched and enjoyed October Sky, which tells the story of Homer Hickam and his West Virginia classmates winning the 1960 National Science Fair with their homemade rockets.
2. Science Fair Chickens! would be a good band name. I recommend keeping the exclamation point.

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