Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Ruth Manning-Sanders signature from 1931

Because it cannot currently be found anywhere else on the internet, my contribution this afternoon to Ruth Manning-Sanders Scholarship is to put this example of her signature online.

This signature appears on her Illuminated Text, a poem that she published through Blue Moon in London for Christmas 1931.

There were 100 signed copies distributed. As of today, three of them can be purchased through They might be the only remaining copies, given that it's a single sheet of paper that was published eight decades ago.

The above image came courtesy of David Herbert of Greenwich Book Place in London, which holds one of the three for-sale copies.

If you're looking for the basics on Manning-Sanders, the great reteller of international folk and fairy tales, here are some key Papergreat posts:

Bonus addendum
Here's a circa 1919 poem by Manning-Sanders that I believe was originally published in the Westminster Gazette:

Autumn Song

Turn now to sleep — the air is filled with dreams;
Over the meadow grass the small winds creep
With scarce a sound, the yellow sunshine clings
'Mong trees where still birds rest with folded wings,
And on a withering branch a robin sings
Of sleep.

Turn now to sleep — for darkness will be soon,
And mists like thoughts that slumber. Mortals keep
With lighted lamps a watch on wintry hours;
But you shall turn, with all your trees and flowers
And garnered sunshine, to the quiet bowers
Of sleep.

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