Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Page for October 22 from 1916 book of short daily prayers

God's Minute was a compact little volume published in 1916 by The Vir Publishing Company in Philadelphia. The book (see picture below) is 4 inches wide, 5½ inches tall and 1 inch thick. It is described as "A Book of 365 Daily Prayers Six Seconds Long for Home Worship," with the content provided by "365 Eminent Clergymen and Laymen."

As you can see above, the October 22 prayer was provided by Rev. Charles Henry Pinchbeck of Baltimore, Maryland.

The book is well-used and well-worn. Pages are falling out, stained and paper-clipped. The exterior binding was taped to provide additional support in some unknown decade along the way.

In the 1940s and 1950s, someone used the book as a kind of journal. Numerous pages have pencil annotations about what took place on that particular day. For example (all spellings kept intact):

  • January 5 — Berl Moving to Sanford N.C. 1953 Franklin to Marys. Stuarts Draft Cool 30° at noon.
  • January 7 — Clarence Spitler died 11 AM 1944
  • April 8 — J. Wesley Spitler Burried 11 A.M. at Mt. Tabor 1954
  • June 18 — Franklin going to War. Howe took him to Staunton due 6:30 A.M. Spent nite here. 1953.
  • July 9 — Wreck oil tank & Lumber truck at 12 & 11 intersection, 2 drivers killed, blocked trafic 3 hours, 6 AM. 1952
  • October 15 — R.A. Spitler married 1885. Oct - 15th. Visited them Sunday Oct. 15 "65th aniversity" 1950
  • October 25 — First Freese 1955
  • December 7 — Pearl Harbor Attact 1941

I'm going to dive into this book again in a future post.

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