Monday, November 11, 2013

6 book covers you probably won't see anywhere else this week

Because one of the continuing missions of Papergreat is to explore strange old ephemera, to seek out old books and old paper, to boldly post what no man has posted before. Enjoy!

A Visit to the Hospital
Published in 1958 by Wonder Books. Written by Francine Chase under the supervision of Lester L. Coleman, M.D. Illustrations by Ken Rossi.

Impossible Yet it Happened!
Published in 1947 by Ace Books. Written by R. DeWitt Miller.1

Mom, you gotta be kiddin'
Published in 1968 by Fleming H. Revell Company. Written by Mary D. Bowman and illustrated by Don Sampson.

From the back cover: "Mary D. Bowman, author of the delightful 'Hey, Mom!', now writes of her life with three teen-age children, 'where Bowmanor is the scene of vying for telephone rights, going steady unsteadily, and a music (?) group called the Mystic Souls."

What's A Mommy For?
Published in 1973 by The Standard Publishing Company. Written by Florence W. Kilgore and illustrated by Janeth McManus.

How to Draw Funny Pictures
(A Complete Course in Cartooning)

The tattered dust jacket is from the 1936 edition published by Frederick J. Drake & Co. The book was written by E.C. Matthews and is illustrated by Eugene "Zim" Zimmerman.

Boy dates Girl
This edition was published in 1955 by TAB Book Club (Teen Age Books). It was written by Gay Head and illustrated by Katherine Tracy.2

1. Some of the "impossible" events cited on the back cover include:
2. This is the second Gay Head book featured on Papergreat. The first was Hi There, High School!

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