Monday, December 9, 2013

One horrifying thing you'll never find inside an e-book

In the interest of fairness, I need to follow up this morning's post — Eight awesome things you'll never find inside e-books — with one example from the pro e-book side of the debate.

Sorting through a box of used books is usually a thrilling task. You never know what fascinating volume you'll come across or what you might find when you crack open a book.

But it can be hazardous, too.

Earlier this year, I cracked open a copy of 1968's How to Hunt Whitetail Deer by Luther A. Anderson, and this is what I came across.

Of course, in the photo I was looking at, there was no CENSORED tag covering the buttocks region. I put that there to spare your eyes and to maintain Papergreat's PG rating. My eyes were not spared.

Why, why, why would someone put a snapshot of a full moon into a book and then leave it there?

I must admit that such a thing can never happen with an e-book. So I guess the digital world has that going for it.

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