Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reader mystery: What is this item from the hanky collection?

Sharon from Idaho, who follows Papergreat on Facebook, sent me this image and would like some help discovering what it is.

She says it's about nine inches across the top, which is a fold. There's nothing on the back except "10 cents." There's a folded-under, quarter-inch edge under the green sides. The lone word on the front is Ganetté. It was in her grandmother's hanky collection, along with a pattern. The material is heavy paper. And there's just a little touch of Christmas in what appears to be small pieces of tape on the edges.

Anyone out there have any thoughts? Comment down below or email me at chrisottopa-(at)

The illustration in the center of this triangle is certainly compelling. I'm almost getting a cyclopean vibe from it.

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