Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Small Christmas card from long ago

Have you mailed your Christmas cards yet? Back in the day,1 greeting cards didn't come in the standard shapes and sizes that we are familiar with on the card racks today. Some of them were downright small. This undated "Christmas Greetings" card measures 4½ inches wide by 2½ inches tall. How's that for a holiday tree-saver?

Inside, there's a fairly mundane note from Sybil to Jean on the left-hand side. And here's the pre-printed message, signed "From all the Arnolds."

I do like the illustration, with its cozy, snow-covered house in the middle of a moonlit forest. (Actually, that's more than snow-covered. It looks like that snow goes up 5-6 feet against the side of that cottage. Someone should go check on them.)

If you're interested in more on the long history of Christmas cards, here are a few links to check out, for starters:

1. September 20, 1943.

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