Friday, December 6, 2013

The Shepherd's Home: Postcard mailed in 1918

This postcard, featuring a cozy sheep farm in the rolling hills, is part of the Rapholette series that was published by Raphael Tuck & Sons1 and produced in Saxony, Germany. On the back, it's labeled "OUR FARM postcard 8028." An online search revealed different OUR FARM postcards with that same number, so it is not unique to this particular view.2

This card was mailed with a 2¢ stamp and postmarked at 4 p.m. on January 7, 1918, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. A man named Millard sent the following note to John H. Lightner of Carlisle:
"Dear friend: Was in Carlisle to-day (Mon.) with Vic & will not get in on Tues afternoon as I have written in the letter.
Ever sincerely
So, unless I'm reading this incorrectly, Millard was in Carlisle and mailed a postcard to John, who also lived in Carlisle, to tell him that he wouldn't be in.

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1. Raphael Tuck & Sons were the "art publishers to their majesties the King & Queen," according to the small type on the back of this postcard. For more on them, see this December 2012 post.
2. The other two postcards I came across featured horses and were labeled "The day's work was done" and "Uphill work."

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